About us

With more than 15 years of experience VALIA is active in the national and international commodity market. National and international customers, suppliers and producers appreciate our competent and efficient handling and approach to successfully develop projects.

VALIA is a producer, manufacturer and supplier, but also works with national and international partner companies, manufacturers and suppliers and their representatives.

Our main products are Sugar, all kinds of Grains (Soy, Corn, Peanuts, Rice, Sorghum, etc.), Cotton, vegetable oils (Soybean oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, etc.), animal protein (Poultry, Fish, Beef, Pork, etc.), Hygiene and protective equipment for medical and commercial use, Leather, ores (Iron ore, etc.), fertilizers (UREA-46, DAP, etc.) and Ethanol and Ethanol products.
In addition to raw materials, products and goods, we also offer you Financial resources and Financial instruments through one of our cooperation partners.
We are also happy to act as intermediary consultants for the Financing and Investment of your individual projects (foundation or expansion).

VALIA serves customers and buyers in the national Brazilian domestic market and in international markets such as Europe, Arab countries, Asia and Africa. We supply our customers worldwide with high quality products and reliability.

We obtain our raw materials mainly from Brazil and other countries in South America, such as Argentina. Due to an international team and orientation, we are able to supply you with raw materials and goods from other countries of origin.