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Corn from Brazil

Brazilian agribusiness is expected to break the corn production record in the 2022/2023 harvest. This is the projection of the National Supply Company (Conab), which estimates something around 125.8 million tons for the period, an increase of 11.2% compared to 2021/22. Brazil is the third largest producer of corn in the world after the USA and China. In Brazil, genetically modified (GMO) corn is primarily grown, with a few exceptions. Summer and winter harvests are possible in the most important Brazilian growing areas.

About 1/3 of the total annual production is exported. The corn is differentiated into for human or animal consumption.
The main export countries for Brazilian corn are Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Your benefits

Our warehouse, transport and terminal accesses ensure efficiency and control during execution. Our deep understanding of logistics issues provides opportunities for differentiated supplier and customer solutions.

Supply flexibility

Our comprehensive logistics expertise enables flexible supply. We offer flexible solutions in case there is an urgent need or buyer’s plans change.

Quality management

The transparency of the supply chain from the producer to the final shipping destination as well as the adaptation to the quality and food safety management programs enable quality differentiation.
A broad supplier base enables different packaging solutions to meet different market requirements.

Competence & Experience

Comprehensive expertise combined with a strong focus on the needs of our customers and producers/suppliers helps ensure that your order is carried out on time and efficiently.

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