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Brazilian Soy

In Brazil, according to the Brazilian agricultural authority CONAB (Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento), a record harvest of 152.9 million tons is expected for the harvest period 22/23 for Soybeans on an area of 43.3 million hectares. This corresponds to an increase of 27.3 million tonnes (21.8%) compared to the 21/22 harvest.

Compared to the previous year (harvest 21/22), the higher Soybean harvest results from an increase in acreage of 1.8 million ha (4.4%) and an increase in crop yields from 3.026 t/ha by 16.6% to 3.528 t/ha.

This makes Brazil the largest Soy producer in the world. The USA and Argentina followed in second and third place with approx. 116.4 million tons and approx. 45.5 million tons. The largest Soybean countries worldwide (Brazil, USA and Argentina) are responsible for over 81% of the total Soybean production worldwide.

Brazilian Soybeans tend to have a higher protein content than Soy produced in other parts of the world. The production and export of genetically modified Soybeans (GMO) far exceeds that of non-genetically modified (non-GMO) Soybeans.

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